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#8687: Deprecated code is never loaded
 Reporter:  imath                   |       Owner:  (none)
     Type:  defect (bug)            |      Status:  new
 Priority:  high                    |   Milestone:  10.3.0
Component:  Core                    |     Version:  2.7
 Severity:  major                   |  Resolution:
 Keywords:  dev-feedback has-patch  |
Changes (by imath):

 * keywords:  needs-patch dev-feedback => dev-feedback has-patch


 Thanks a lot for your feedback @DJPaul 👍. I'm suggesting to only load
 deprecated functions when the BuddyPress version when it was first
 installed is lower or equals the list of previous BuddyPress major

 I've prepared 2 patches, one if we want to make this move in branch 10.0:
 the downside would be that people installing 10.3.0 would load deprecated
 functions as well as those upgrading. See

 As we've waited for a bunch of versions, we can also wait for 11.0 and
 only use

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