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#8447: activate link doesn't work
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 (I'm sorry if this is the wrong place for this, I assume this isn't a bug,
 more a config issue of mine, but the forum wouldn't let me post)

 My users are registering and being given signup links like this


 This doesn't work, it's as if the 2nd url segment doesn't get picked up.

 This does work


 I've been changing the function in bp_core_signup_send_validation_email to

 'activate.url' => esc_url( trailingslashit( bp_get_activation_page() ) .
 "<strong>?key=</strong>{$key}" ),

 But this will just get overriden the next time the plugin updates?

 What is the correct way to solve this? Is it my webserver not passing the
 url to a function correctly? I am hosting on wp-engine.

 Or is it actually a Buddypress problem?

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