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#7162: xprofile field support for WordPress Profile Fields
 Reporter:  DJPaul                           |       Owner:  imath
     Type:  feature request                  |      Status:  closed
 Priority:  strategic                        |   Milestone:  8.0.0
Component:  Extended Profile                 |     Version:
 Severity:  normal                           |  Resolution:  fixed
 Keywords:  has-patch has-unit-tests commit  |

Comment (by needle):

 @imath Sorry for not getting back to you with feedback before now.

 Just letting you know that I tried the `7162.3.patch` earlier and it
 doesn't seem to be working for me. I added the WordPress User fields as
 before, but the Extended Profile screen didn't show them.

 I just tried SVN trunk with the latest commits and it appears to have the
 same issue for me. Am I missing something?


 Added the Profile Fields as above. Note, the title seems to be "Edit
 Ground", but that like it's a weird translation bug because I'm using
 English UK :)


 Back end shows the fields fine.


 No sign of them on my Extended Profile, nor on any other user's Extended

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