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#7228: Add PHPCS
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Comment (by johnjamesjacoby):

 I'm not sure there's a way to share my feelings on PHPCS without
 unintentionally discouraging working on it, so just know that isn't my
 intent – if this is important to you, you should work on it regardless of
 what I say here. 🤣

 My issue with PHPCS in BuddyPress is it is yet-another hurdle that
 contributors will trip and fall on. I don't think adding it makes building
 BuddyPress easier or more fun.

 I do not like that installing it is neither simple nor obvious,
 implementing it into an editor or IDE is up to each person to figure out,
 and nested projects aren't very well supported in most IDEs so they will
 collide with WordPress core. PHPCS is almost always frustrating to setup,
 work with, maintain, and then the codebase ends up littered with ugly
 exception comments anyways – the antithesis of cleaner code.

 What I don't want BuddyPress to end up with is
 [https://github.com/WordPress/WordPress-Coding-Standards#installation what
 WordPress has] – its own massive project that takes someone who wants to
 work with it to 5 different out-of-date websites with conflicting
 information, and requires this small team to maintain huge rulesets.

 I don't mean that as a criticism of WPCS or PHPCS; it's my own strong
 dislike against a growing library of fragile tooling that cumulatively
 makes projects like BuddyPress unfun to contribute to. BuddyPress needs a
 1-step developer setup experience with crystal clear documentation about
 dependencies, environments, and be platform friendly and agnostic. And
 PHPCS specifically needs a functional purpose beyond making the code fit a
 valueless standard.

 It needs to be up to committers to run PHPCS when committing, and patches
 shouldn't be rejected only because of PHPCS issues. This is a committer
 tool for a small group of people to take on added responsibility, not a
 community expectation that one group who ''can'' uses against another
 group who ''cannot''.

 I'm not real supportive. I will be critical. Excited to see progress. 😁

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