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#8001: Review at.js integration for updates and/or swapout
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Comment (by dcavins):

 I've attached a new patch that updates the original patch. It also adds
 support for the "To" field in BP Nouveau private messages and uses the BP
 REST API for the suggestions lookup. Here are some notes about the patch:
 • No one has shared a solution to getting Tribute to work with TinyMCE.
 The only place we would wish to use Tribute with TinyMCE is in the private
 messages "content" field in BP Nouveau.
 • With Gutenberg, WP has introduced a username autocompleter in the post
 content editor (based on jQueryUI autocomplete I think), so we no longer
 need to add a mentions watcher there.
 • With this patch, the mentions watcher is used in the "to" field in BP
 Nouveau and in the activity post body.
 • The BP REST API lookup works great! One functionality difference is that
 the old wp-ajax endpoint included non-activated users (those with no "last
 activity") in the results, but the REST API excludes them. (I think that
 behavior is more consistent with BP overall.)

 I guess my doubts are that this is a big library to provide two little
 bits of functionality, but the "to" field of messages really needs
 autocomplete. Mentions in activity items are reported to the user, so that
 is also useful.

 Let me know what you all think.

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