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#8235: Accessibility: add information concerning links that open in a new tab
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 I noticed some buttons (actually they are links with a button UI) that
 open a new tab in BuddyPress Settings screen.

 While target blank links are not recommended by accessibility guidelines
 (as it forces the behavior of the interface - there is no "open in the
 same tab" option on a target blank link), it can sometimes be
 understandable to have some target blank links, especially on a settings
 page where the user could loose their form fields informations.

 If we want to keep target blank links, I'd recommend to add proper
 information about the behavior of the links so screen readers users (and
 also sighted users) could know what it's going to happen when they click
 on the related links.

 For example, I'd recommand to replace:

 <a href="…" target="_blank">View</a>

 With something like:

 <a href="…" target="_blank">View <span class="screen-reader-text"> (opens
 in a new window)</span></a>

 Or even better (for sighted users):

 <a href="…" target="_blank">View <span class="dashicons dashicons-
 <span class="screen-reader-text"> (opens in a new window)</span></a>

 (see screenshots below)

 For reference:

 - Make/Accessibility - Link destinations:
 - When to use and not use target blank:

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