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#8074: How can i export extended user data groups-names?
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 I have made a website using buddypress and i used the feature "extended
 profile fields". But i have a problem. When i export the user data, the
 built-in buddypress "export script" in (buddypress/bp-xprofile/bp-
 xprofile-functions.php line: 1340 and below ) only exports extended fields
 without their group-names, every profile fields has its own group name.
 The images will explain it all. So how can i export tee data from
 `wp_bp_xprofile_groups` (each group's name and fields). And then export it
 to the export page. I will appreciate any help asap.

 1) This image shows the tables that i want to be export. (buddypress only
 exports the fields of those tables not thier group-names).
 <img src="https://imgur.com/SSrhpLA" alt="table that need to be extracted"
 2) As you can see the fields of my extended profile data has group-name
 like "caafimaadka", and they don't get exported
 <img src="https://imgur.com/TCuMScl" alt="Group names that are forgotten
 by the export script" />
 3) As you can see in the below image the script that exports data didn't
 export the fields group-names.
 <img src="https://imgur.com/TGv63n9" alt="how the export page currently
 looks like" />

 Buddypress version: 4.2.0
 wordpress version: 5.1.1
 PHP version: 7.3.2

 As simple as it is. I couldn't solve it. So please help or advice.

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