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#6210: Create New Invitations API
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 > I'm not using component_action at the moment for group invitations, but
 added it for flexibility

 I figured as much. I wonder if it might be more transparent (though less
 BP-ish?) to simply have a `type` column. `group_member` would be one type.
 `account` might be another type. `site_membership` (ie a role on a WP site
 in a MS network) might be another. Then, do away with the `component`
 columns. They'd still be registered within components - so `bp-
 groups/classes/...` and so on - but without the conceptual overhead of
 `name` and `action`, which almost-but-not-quite fits here.

 > This seems like an edge-case use to me, though, since you could work
 directly with the invitations object class to do mass deletions, for

 Yeah, let's go with `abstract`. Someone doing this kind of thing ought to
 have to set up their own extending class, as a way of making intentional
 that they want certain actions to no-op.

 > I agree with you that making a clean break where we have to is probably
 better than creating a situation where it fails occasionally, and

 Agree 100%. Let's make sure that these breaks are properly documented,
 along with some suggestions about how to migrate to the new system.

 Speaking of migration, we'll soon have to discuss how migration will work.

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