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#8055: User uploads (avatars, cover images) are site-specific on
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 @m2sahin Thanks for the video.

 I can confirm the following:

 1. On Multiblog, avatar + cover image uploads are site-specific. I guess
 this is because we use BP_ROOT_BLOG when looking for avatars, and on
 Multiblog, BP_ROOT_BLOG is always the current blog.

 2. On Multiblog, users are only given a WP role on the network's main

 3. Activity and profile data *are* properly reflected across sites. No bug

 Moving forward:

 - For 1, I see a few options. We could (a) mirror the images on every
 site, or (b) always switch back to the "main" site to build upload paths,
 or (c) accept that this is a "feature" of Multiblog. (b) seems like the
 best to me, but a second opinion from the team would be useful.

 - For 2, I don't see an obvious way to fix the issue. Assigning users to
 every site on the network will not work - this will not scale on very
 large MS installations. Given that WP roles are not used by BuddyPress,
 I'd suggest that there's no reason why BuddyPress has to do it. If someone
 running a Multiblog install would like WP roles to be synced, they can use
 a plugin like you installed in the video.

 So, I think it's OK to use this ticket to track issue 1. I'm going to
 change the ticket title accordingly.

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