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#8001: Review at.js integration for updates and/or swapout
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Comment (by dcavins):

 Re TinyMCE: With the atwho method, you can @mention users in post content
 and such from the WP dashboard. (It doesn't cause anything to happen, like
 a notification or a profile link, the user is just mentioned in the text
 of the post like "I had a nice chat with @username about BuddyPress".) I'm
 dubious about how useful it is, but I think we should be able to recreate
 it using Tribute, so that we don't lose a feature that someone loves

 I'm not sure about the outstanding @-mention interface bugs. The only
 issues I knew of were accessibility problems, and, at first blush, Tribute
 does seem to resolve those (I'd love for @mercime to have a look).

 I will look into handling the change in Nouveau as well, and will produce
 a new patch.

 In other news, WP just started using at-who and caret on the support
 forums: https://meta.trac.wordpress.org/changeset/8064

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