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#8001: Review at.js integration for updates and/or swapout
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Comment (by dcavins):

 I'm attaching a patch that introduces Tribute in favor of At-who. I'm not
 sure that this is a clear improvement (it trades one kind of complexity
 for another). Thoughts:

 • The division of labor is that the library watches the inputs we specify
 for the trigger `@` and then compares the string after the `@` to the
 values (user objects) you passed to it. It sorts the best match to the top
 of the list and handles keyboard and mouse interaction with the results
 list. Our wrapper handles the remote AJAX lookup and returns the fetched
 user objects to Tribute.
 • This library is large (48KB transfer and ~200KB unzipped) and does a lot
 more than we really need, like fuzzy matching from a list of
 possibilities. Our most typical case is a set of AJAX-fetched options in
 response to a query, so everything is a match. The only time that the
 fuzzy matching is used in our case is when the user is interacting with
 the pre-constructed friends list (generated by php and stored in the JS
 object BP_Suggestions.friends), which happens rarely.
 • Tribute gives each match a score to order the results. It would be cool
 to influence those results so that your friends are always on top. (Then
 we could also stop pre-caching friends in php.)
 • I was not able to get Tribute to work with the TinyMCE editor window. It
 seems possible, but I ran out of will in this session. (Also, what about
 Gutenberg blocks?)
 • I ran into some issues within Tribute where I thought I could pass
 options in to change the behavior and output, but the promising sub module
 options were hardcoded in the main module, so things that looked like
 options actually weren't. I imagine Zurb would consider accepting pull
 requests that were reasonable. (They'd actively like help with improving
 how the library works with TinyMCE, for instance.)

 So, Tribute is promising, but maybe overkill for what we need (and not as
 flexible/easy to work with as we'd like). Let me know what you think.

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