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#8034: Buddypress Forum Management Disappear
 Reporter:  leandrorocha  |      Owner:  (none)
     Type:  defect (bug)  |     Status:  new
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 Recently I noticed a strange behaviour when running buddypress in a
 multisite (network activated) and setting it to run in the subsite.

 Normally we have a box in the group manager screen (in the backend) where
 we can select what forum will be associated, however when we set
 buddypress to run in the subsite it stop to display the box even when we
 enable bbpress in the subsite.

 Just to be more clear, this is the box that I am talking about:

 How to Reproduce:

 1- Firstly create a multisite installation;
 2- Activate Buddypress in network mode;
 3- Change settings to allow buddypress to create groups and forums.
 4- Set the buddypress to run in a subsite with: BP_ROOT_BLOG
 5- Install BBpress and activate it in the subsite that is mentioned in the
 item 5

 If everything is correct we will be able to create groups with forum, but
 the option to change in the group manager will not appear anymore. If we
 activate bbpress in the root domain the box will appear again, but will
 not be possible to create groups with forum.

 Seems that the metabox only appear when bbpress is enabled in the root

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