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#7703: Unit tests: Run `'bp_template_redirect'` hook in `go_to()` method
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 In [changeset:"11882"]:
 #!CommitTicketReference repository="" revision="11882"
 Unit Tests: Run `'bp_template_redirect'` hook in `go_to()` method.

 In PHPUnit, we mock page visits with the `go_to()` method, however we
 previously only ran the `'bp_init'` hook, which sets up various internal
 page routing properties, but doesn't run any screen hooks.

 This commit adds the `'bp_template_redirect'` hook to the `go_to()`
 which allows hooks like `'bp_actions'` and `'bp_screens'` to run.  In
 for those hooks to run without errors in PHPUnit, we need to adjust our
 `bp_core_redirect()` function so it doesn't kill execution.  Also, for
 PHPUnit, we do not allow redirects to occur since they cause 'headers
 already sent' notices.

 Lastly, we can adjust some unit tests to just use the `go_to()` method,
 instead of needing to manually call a screen hook.

 Fixes #7703.

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