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#7926: Automated linting for PHP versions
 Reporter:  boonebgorges      |      Owner:  netweb
     Type:  enhancement       |     Status:  new
 Priority:  normal            |  Milestone:  Awaiting Contributions
Component:  Build/Test Tools  |    Version:
 Severity:  normal            |   Keywords:  needs-patch 2nd-opinion
 On a handful of occasions over the last few releases, we've included
 syntax that is incompatible with a version of PHP that we claim to
 support. See eg #7925. We could help to avoid this by adding some linting
 to our Travis CI framework.

 Here's one possible approach: https://hakre.wordpress.com/2015/11/10

 Another is a PHP script that I cobbled together for a client:
 This approach is nice because we can easily define a blacklist.

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