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#7826: Privacy: "Settings > Data" page
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 > I haven't looked, but do we notify the site admin if a user deletes an
 account in BuddyPress? If not, maybe this is something we should do?

 I don't think we do, but I agree it's a good idea. Could probably use its
 own ticket.

 > Good idea. We should definitely add both of these notes on our current
 "Delete Account" page.

 I stared at the 'Delete Account' messaging for a while and couldn't come
 up with a good way to change it to reflect this focus (ie, the focus on
 data erasure vs account deletion). However, in
 [attachment:"7826.04.patch"] I added the Data Erase section to the Data
 Management panel, which is sensitive to whether the admin allows self-
 deletions. See screenshots.

 > I wanted to keep this functionality the same so the administrator would
 be aware and is able to know how many data export requests are received.
 If this is all done transparently, the admin would have no idea.

 I assume that by "the same" you mean "the same as WordPress". I guess this
 is fair, certainly for the default behavior. That said, BP sites are
 different from typical WP sites, and I guarantee that many admins would
 want these to be auto-confirmed. [attachment:"7826.04.patch"] contains a
 hook at the end of the request process that would allow a plugin to do
 this. Something like:

 add_action( 'bp_user_data_export_requested', function( $request_id,
 $success ) {
     if ( ! $success ) {

     // Do something to trigger the creation of the export. Not sure what

     $message = __( 'Your export is being generated. You will receive an
 email when it\'s ready to download.', 'my-plugin' );
     bp_core_add_message( $message );
     bp_core_redirect( bp_get_requested_uri() );
 }, 10, 2 );

 There might come a day when WP itself offers the ability to set an auto-
 generate flag for these requests, at which point we could just inherit it.
 Until then, I think the hook is a low-overhead way to enable plugins to do
 it themselves. What do you say to this compromise?

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