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#7826: Privacy: "Settings > Data" page
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Comment (by r-a-y):

 Thanks for your feedback, @boonebgorges.

 > I think that "data erase" is probably functionally equivalent to
 "account deletion", at least if it's meant to be a *bulk* data erasure.

 You're probably right that WP's "data erase" is the same as our "account
 deletion".  I haven't actually taken a look at what WP is doing for data
 erasing, but I wanted to compare what they did.

 I haven't looked, but do we notify the site admin if a user deletes an
 account in BuddyPress?  If not, maybe this is something we should do?


 > Perhaps we could add to the Delete Account page some language to the
 effect that deleting your account will also trigger the deletion of all
 your identifiable data, and perhaps the "Erase Data" section on this Data
 panel could just point to the account deletion page.


 > When user account deletion is disabled, perhaps this section should have
 a note about contacting the site administrator? In any case, I don't think
 we need a separate action for it.

 Good idea.  We should definitely add both of these notes on our current
 "Delete Account" page.


 > I'd wager that, in many communities, the administrator will not want to
 have to approve these requests. What do you think of having a filter that
 allows them to be auto-approved? (It's not totally clear how hard this
 would be technically.)

 I wanted to keep this functionality the same so the administrator would be
 aware and is able to know how many data export requests are received.  If
 this is all done transparently, the admin would have no idea.

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