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#7698: GDPR
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Comment (by johnjamesjacoby):

 > Do you think we need to consider writing any sort of documentation
 explaining why/how we store data, in order to help site owners explain to
 their users (if they want to, I guess) why/how they store data?

 I think so? Probably both on the website for site owners, and potentially
 in a page in the settings component for users?

 > Is it necessary?

 Again, I think it is necessary, but I'm less confident about the exact
 verbiage we'd want to ship in BuddyPress itself if/when we start doing
 user-facing things.

 > would it be a nice-to-have, vs. spending the time on something more
 important/more useful

 Good question, and for our small team it usually means scratching whatever
 itches we have at the time. Breaking this down into actionable tasks (via
 separate tickets) should happen next; that will help us prioritize & scope
 the work.

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