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#4017: Group taxonomy
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 @rekmla Thanks for updating here on your progress.

 It would be fantastic to roll something like bp-groups-taxo into
 BuddyPress. bp-groups-taxo does two different kinds of things:

 a. It introduces logic that allows custom taxonomies to be assigned to BP
 groups (such as tying tax_query into group queries)
 b. It introduces a *specific* custom taxonomy to groups: Group Tags

 The way that bp-groups-taxo does it doesn't really separate these things
 out in a complete way, though. So, while it's necessary to do some version
 of (a) in order to do (b), it's not really possible to use (a) to register
 additional custom group taxonomies - you have to have another full version
 of the plugin up and running, with taxonomy name changed. (I know, I've
 tried ;) )

 I could imagine introducing the functionality described here in phases, so
 that general support for group taxonomies is introduced in a developer-
 facing way in one version of BP, and the Group Tag taxonomy and supporting
 UI is rolled out sometime later.

 > This plugin has some differences from group types in implementation - it
 does not use blog switching - that might need reconsideration if moving
 into BP proper.

 Yes, unfortunately we need the blog-switching logic, to account for things
 like the Groups widget and other cases where group queries might be run on
 a non-root blog. But this logic is already built into BP's taxonomy
 wrapper functions https://buddypress.trac.wordpress.org/browser/trunk/src
 /bp-core/bp-core-taxonomy.php. So a good chunk of bp-groups-taxo could be
 rewritten to use these BP functions.

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