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#7454: User in DB (status 2) but not showing in Admin
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Component:  Members       |     Version:  2.8.0
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Comment (by Maniou):

 Hello @johnjamesjacoby,

 Thank you for your answer,

 On my setup, what I can see is that users with a {{{user_status}}} of 2
 are users who need to click on the link from the activation mail in order
 to be activated.

 Here more details about the problem :

 - The user i'm talking about (thoses with no entry in {{{wp_signups}}})
 have a {{{user_registered}}} date very recent (< 3 days).
 - Looking my SMTP server I know an activation mail was sent to them.
 - Also they have data in {{{wp_bp_xprofile_data}}}.
 - I know they are spam because how they are named.

 I can use {{{bp_members_migrate_signups()}}} to create them an entry in
 {{{wp_signups}}} but i'm still having new users added without entry in

 I still don't understand how they can register without having entry in
 wp_signups :(

 For the moment I've just added the google captcha to prevent new users
 like them to register, still don't know if it's working.

 Thank you !

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