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#7502: Legacy forums do not work with WordPress 4.7
 Reporter:  r-a-y         |       Owner:  johnjamesjacoby
     Type:  defect (bug)  |      Status:  new
 Priority:  normal        |   Milestone:  3.0
Component:  Forums        |     Version:  2.7.1
 Severity:  normal        |  Resolution:
 Keywords:  has-patch     |

Comment (by djpaul):

 In [changeset:"11763"]:
 #!CommitTicketReference repository="" revision="11763"
 Retire Legacy Forums.

 "Legacy Forums" is what we now call the bundled version of bbPress 1 that
 has shipped with BuddyPress for over nine years. The Legacy Forums
 codebase/features are many years stagnant, and it has been almost
 completely hidden from the UI for the past five years.

 Legacy Forums were replaced by bbPress 2, which is its own plugin, and
 we've been promoting its integration with BuddyPress for a long time. Most
 significantly, bbPress 1 only runs on WordPress versions older than 4.7,
 because of a BackPress conflict (which is nested inside bbPress 1) with
 WordPress 4.7's `WP_Taxonomy` class.

 If your site is still using Legacy Forums, you will need to migrate to
 bbPress 2 to run BuddyPress 3.0. See
 for more information.

 Fixes #5351
 See #7502

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