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#5058: Members search - fallback to wp_users table
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 In title - `wp_users` table, that we do use in search when xprofile is
 deactivated (against `user_login` and `user_nicename`). See

 In description you are referring to wp_usermeta, which I think is what you
 really meant.

 Searching in usermeta might be overkill, because there are lots of
 serialized data there, also some data is confidential and should not be
 available for search, so some sort of UI or API is required to make search
 work only for specific usermeta fields.

 I believe, this is a custom plugin (per project) territory, as usermeta
 fields to search in should be defined for each site independently, there
 is not general rule here.

 Also, you can already do that using `bp_user_query_uid_clauses` filter.
 See `bp_xprofile_bp_user_query_search()` for an example implementation.

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