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#5496: Friends/Members near me
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Comment (by ninjew):

 >Leaving a link to one of the possible solutions, that is already built:

 Thank you @slaFFik for sharing the link.

 Indeed, BuddyPress members locator is a core feature built into the free
 GEO my WP plugin [https://wordpress.org/plugins/geo-my-wp/]. With GEO my
 WP you can create a members proximity search form that will allow
 users/visitors to search for BuddyPress members based on address, radius,
 xprofile fields and more.

 And as @boonebgorges pointed above:

 > * How is the data stored? In order to be useful (ie highly queryable) it
 would probably need its own database table, with columns for lat/long
 >* We'd likely need to use an external service for converting natural
 language locations ("10010", "NYC", "New York, NY, USA") to lat/long.
 Aside from Akismet, we generally try not to rely on external services in

 GEO my WP uses Google Maps API to geocode address and to display the
 members on the map. It also saves the location data ( address, lat,
 long... ) in a custom table in database for more efficient queries.

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