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#4742: Widgets filters: make tab links work with no-js
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 Priority:  normal                    |   Milestone:  Future Release
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Comment (by hnla):

 @slaFFik Agreed these are non critical.

 Problem might be viewed as these should have been written in a
 `Progressive Enhancement` manner with a eye on `Graceful Degradation`.

 They technically should work with Ajax added/used to provide a better UX.

 However to adding a class `bp-hide-if-no-js` I think that is a win win  it
 could be useful to have as a general provision used as when needed, with
 the cost of implementing relatively cheap with no  terrible overheads.

 We would provide a ruleset similar to the way we do with screen reader
 ruleset, any element we would not want rendering if no JS has the class
 added then we add a line to our JS to remove this class where found.

 The alternative view might be though that sites nowadays are pretty much
 unusable and broken if JS not running and thus pointless making provisions
 like this, but I think it's still a useful provision.

 Lets add this (new ticket it).

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