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#7290: 2.7.0-rc2 breaks GeomyWP + Groups Locator groups list
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Comment (by ninjew):

 You are welcome @boonebgorges and thanks for the reply.

 > Yup, this seems like a good technique. If I were you, I'd also look into
 implementing some persistent caching, which, if done correctly, could
 eliminate at least some of the excess queries.

 Such caching system is actually already part of GEO my WP 3.0. So caching
 the the custom proximity search query will be possible in the future.

 > For the record, I think we need to support use cases like yours for
 backward compatibility reasons. But I don't think we should necessarily be
 encouraging the modification of group objects. It may be preferable, in
 the future, to do something like this (I'm guessing that you need your geo
 data in the loop):
 > {{{#!php
 > <?php
 > function bp7290_add_geo_data_to_group_display() {
 >     $group_id = bp_get_group_id();
 >     $geo_data = custom_function_to_get_geo_data_for_a_group( $geo_data
 >     // do something with $geo_data
 > }
 > add_action( 'bp_directory_groups_item',
 'bp7290_add_geo_data_to_group_display' );
 > }}}

 That actually might be a good solution. I am using something similar for a
 specific scenario for BuddyPress members geolocation. I need to look into
 this in more details and perhaps will change the way the plugin generate
 the geo data in general. As GEO my WP geolocate Post types, BP Members, BP
 Groups and WP User in a similar way by modifying the main queries.

 Well, GEO my WP 3.0 has been under development for a long time, and after
 a break of a few months I am ready to get back to it. Perhaps with some
 new and fresh methods to query and generate the GEO data.

 Thanks for all the feedback and suggestions above. And I am glad I could
 be a bit helpful as well.

 Keep up the awesome work.

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