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#7098: Foreign quotation mark - guillemet issue
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 First, it's a very obvious issue i found in a topic activity on my SWA.
 Second, it may (perhaps) be difficult to replicate with an english OS &
 keyboard. In both case, please see the joined screenshots.

 I tested guillemets within topics, updates and post and with different
 themes and site languages (en & fr)with various results. See attached txt
 file to get some text to copy/paste for testing.

 The issue:
 in french we use guillemet to quote words, while in english double quotes
 are used. WP does this automatically depending the site language.
 Visually, left and right guillemet are very different from quotes, which
 are very similar. So the issue is not really visible in english. (doesn't
 mean it is inexistent).

 When quoting a word inside a phrase or which is the last one, i have a
 correct ouput of open & closing guillemets. Same result when quoting a
 linked word inside a phrase.

 When quoting a linked word which is at the end of a phrase, the quotes are
 wrong. They're 2 left quotes, aka opening quotes instead of a left and a
 right quote.

 If i remember well, there was a similar issue in the past (around BP 1.2.8
 or so) with foreign quote marks.

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