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#7090: Accessibility: Remove redundant `title` attributes
 Reporter:  mercime          |      Owner:
     Type:  enhancement      |     Status:  new
 Priority:  normal           |  Milestone:  Awaiting Review
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 Severity:  normal           |   Keywords:  has-patch
 > "For users of assistive technologies, the title attribute is useless at
 best and sometimes an annoyance. Users of text-to-speech software who have
 configured their software to do so will hear the title attribute twice.
 Essentially the extensive use of title attributes throughout Wordpress
 Core amounts to unnecessary code bloat." ~ Karl Groves

 See [https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/24766 WP#24766] which started
 the ball rolling in the removal of `title` attributes from within the
 WordPress admin and from the latest WP Default themes.

 Upcoming patch removes the following `title` attributes:

 * `title="Create a Group"` for: Create a Group
 * `title="Join Group"` for: Join Group
 * `title="Leave Group"` for: Leave Group
 * `title="Request Membership"` for: Request Membership
 * `title="Request Sent"` for: Request Sent
 * `title="Accept Invitation"` for: Accept Invitation
 * `title="Delete Group Profile Photo"` for: Delete Group Profile Photo
 * `title="Delete Cover Image"` for: Delete Group Cover Image
 * `title="Kick and Ban this member"` for: Kick and Ban
 * `title="Promote to Mod"` for: Promote to Mod
 * `title="Promote to Admin"` for:  Promote to Admin
 * `title="Remove this member"` for: Remove from group
 * `title="New Topic"` for: New Topic

 * `title="Accept"` for: Accept
 * `title="Reject"` for: Recent
 * `title="Add Friend"` for: Add Friend
 * `title="Cancel Friendship Request"` for: Cancel Friendship Request
 * `title="Cancel Friendship Requested"` for: Cancel Friendship
 * `title="Friendship Requested"` for: Friendship Requested
 * `title="Delete Profile Photo"` for: Delete My Profile Photo
 * `title="Delete Cover Image"` for: Delete My Cover Image
 * `title="Edit Profile"` for: Edit Profile
 * `title="Mark as Favorite"` for: Favorite
 * `title="Remove Favorite"` for: Remove Favorite
 * `title="View Message"` for: View Message
 * `title="This field's visibility cannot be changed."` for: text which is
 not a link in the Settings > Profile Visibility screen
 * `title="Send a Public Message on your Activity Stream"` for: Public
 * `title="Send a Private Message to this User"` for: Private Message

 * `title="The public activity for Everyone on this site"` for Sitewide
 Activity navigation: All Members
 * `title="The activity of my friends only"` for Sitewide Activity
 navigation: My Friends
 * `title="The activity of groups I am a member of" ` for Sitewide Activity
 navigation: My Groups
 * `title="The activity I've marked as favorite"` for Sitewide Activity
 navigation: My Favorites
 * `title="Activity that I have been mentioned in"` for Sitewide Activity
 navigation: Mentions
 * `title="Create a Site"` for: Create a Site
 * `title="Visit Site"` for: Visit Site

 NOT included in the list above:
 * `title="RSS Feed"` for: RSS
 * `title="Star the first message in this thread"` for: the star icon
 * `title="Remove all starred messages in this thread"` for: the star icon
 * `title="View Discussion"` for: activity post timestamp a.k.a activity
 * `title` attributes for all Avatars and member and group links, etc. ->
 separate trac ticket
 * `title` attributes in BP wp-admin screens -> to be addressed in audit of
 BP admin screens

 Patch coming up.

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