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#6772: BuddyPress Embeds for activity, user profiles, groups
 Reporter:  imath                   |       Owner:
     Type:  idea                    |      Status:  new
 Priority:  normal                  |   Milestone:  2.6
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Comment (by imath):

 @r-a-y thanks you so much for your continuous great work on this ticket.

 About iframe in iframe: i confirm the security issues are fixed. So 🚦===
 green light :)

 Activity embeds are looking really great, i only have some last

 1. i think we should try to avoid adding too much inline css or js in php
 code. I see no reason for the embed stylesheet to be private, it seems too
 bad and anyway we can always override it with !important, so i think we
 can use `wp_enqueue_style()`, enjoy rtl, and include a filter if the
 themes want to customize it. It will avoid super charging css. I think we
 can use `wp_enqueue_script()` for fluidvids too. This way we are actually
 using the function you created `bp_enqueue_embed_scripts()` (you were not
 using it in 08.patch)
 2. About fluidvids.js as activity embeds requires 4.5 i think we should
 enjoy `wp_add_inline_script()` to set fluidvids options.
 3. About the `assets/embeds/header.php`, now that you created
 `assets/embeds/header-activity.php` it's not loaded anymore. But maybe
 you're using it as a fallback, so i've left it but i removed the mention
 name because it wasn't looking great.
 4. About `assets/embeds/header-activity.php` i think the timestamp should
 display even if mentions are disabled. So i've edited the template that
 5. About the activity loop fired twice (in `assets/embeds/header-
 activity.php` & `assets/embeds/activity.php` ) i suggest to introduce a
 new wrapper `bp_activity_embed_has_activity()`. This way if the
 `$activities_template` is already set for the embed activity, the
 `assets/embeds/activity.php` can directly use it without resetting the

 .08.suggestions.patch requires .08.patch and contains the above
 suggestions. (sorry i haven't include the docblocks but i wasn't sure
 you'd be ok with theses suggestions, so i've been lazy!)

 Finally, i now feel pretty confident about this great feature. Thanks
 again for your perseverance.

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