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#6784: Group Types API
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 It would be a real shame for this ticket to get bumped from 2.6. The API
 part of it is pretty much ready to go.

 I am willing to put some time in over the next week or so to get something
 workable for this release, but first I'd like to gauge everyone's feelings
 about what a minimal UI for 2.6 would be.

 As a reminder, Member Types shipped in 2.2, and the only admin UI was a
 Member Type metabox https://bpdevel.wordpress.com/2014/12/08/member-type-

 Doing the same thing for groups seems like the bare minimum we could get
 away with. However, groups are a bit more complicated than members in some
 ways. For instance, we have a front-end group creation process. Should
 group type selection be included in this? What about on the Manage tab?
 Certainly there will be many cases where the site admin will not want
 group admins to be able to change their group types - this was the
 motivation for not exposing Member Type stuff to users. But I bet it'll be
 a lot more common of a use case for the Group Type to be user-
 configurable. I think we should definitely introduce a flag for this in
 the long run (something like `group_admin_can_edit` when registering a
 member type? and then we provide default UI), but I don't know whether
 people think it's a blocker for 2.6.

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