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#4132: Account activation revamp
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 Severity:  normal                               |     Version:  1.5
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Comment (by johnywhy):

 hi, i understand the security concerns of the devs, but those concerns do
 not apply to our site. You are making assumptions that do not apply to us.

 We are a private community, and our registration page is password-
 protected. We do not even display a public 'Register' link. Plus, we have
 disabled self-activation-- all new registrations are manually reviewed and
 activated by the admin.

 By not including the avatar-uploader in the reg screen, you are creating
 overhead for our organization-- we'll have to chase after members to get
 them to add their image later, after registering.

 Our members are kids. It's a big enough challenge for us to get our kids
 to register in the first place. Did you ever chase after a kid to get them
 to do something?

 It does not have to be there by default, you could make it available in
 the Fields editor.

 Thank you for holding our hand and being our nanny. But, in researching
 this issue, i have seen numerous requests from BP users to put the avatar
 uploader on the Reg screen. Did you ever hear of the concept of `let users
 decide for themselves'?

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