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#6876: Accessibility: Bump heading in members/single/profile/change-cover-
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 Guys this sounds like an absolute disaster -- if I'm reading this
 correctly, it's going to break the styling of lots of existing sites if we
 upgrade BuddyPress.

 Our sites are styled based on the current heading items.

 At the best, it's going to involve considerable redevelopment of existing
 sites.  At worst, their will be end clients / users out there who've had
 sites built, and our not developers who can fix the problems this is going
 to introduce.

 Is the plan to stop people upgrading to 2.6?

 If you are going to change front end elements, do it in a new set of
 templates, not breaking the existing ones.  Just as WP does -- where they
 bring out a new default theme each year

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