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#6827: Add BP top level menu and Admin Page to Improve User Experience
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 @imath Thank you for your feedback. I was reading the WordPress Codex re
 [https://codex.wordpress.org/Administration_Menus Administration Menus]
 and one of main arguments on whether one should add a top level menu is
 the following:

 >It is rare that a plugin would require the creation of a top-level menu.
 If the plugin introduces an entirely new concept or feature to WordPress,
 and needs many screens to do it, then that plugin may warrant a new top-
 level menu. Adding a top-level menu should only be considered if you
 really need multiple, related screens to make WordPress do something it
 was not originally designed to accomplish. Examples of new top-level menus
 might include job management or conference management.

 BuddyPress meets the requirements stated above, and then some.  BuddyPress
 has many related screens in the back end that should be made easily
 apparent or discoverable in some form or the other for better user

 At this point, we have placed some of our admin screens under other top
 level menus, then in other cases  placed screens called in via links in
 screens under other top level menus. My proposal to move forward is to
 consolidate the available BP site management tools/info in the Admin Links
 panel and add the BP Top Level menu.

 Attached patch is the first pass at the concept. I plan on expanding this
 to have a BP top level menu in the root blog of a multisite installation
 that links to the BP Admin links screen in network admin.

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