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#7133: Merge BuddyPress Followers into BuddyPress Core
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Comment (by Bowromir):

 I think this would make a very welcome addition and would love to see it
 in core. Reasoning:

 - Both the "Follow" & "Friendship" connection type has been widely adopted
 by all major social networks and giving a site owner a built-in option to
 choose the ideal connection for his/her members is a good thing. In fact
 I've seen a gradual shift in my client projects towards preferring
 "Following" over Friendships. Additionally with sites like Facebook having
 both, this is also becoming a more common model.

 - I love his Ray has extended the functionality by also allowing someone
 to Follow a site in Multisite, a powerful and extremely useful feature for
 many communities.

 In summary: +1 :D

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