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#7162: xprofile field support for WordPress Profile Fields
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     Type:  feature request   |      Status:  new
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Comment (by DJPaul):

 As always, easy ideas are never easy.

 I experimented with an approach where we would not mirror data from
 usermeta (i.e. nothing in our xprofile_data table).
 A problem I found is with `bp_has_profile()`. It's
 `hide_empty_fields_default` parameter will not return our "biography"
 field (for example) because we don't have a value stored for it, which
 means it doesn't get rendered into the template loop.

 so... because adjusting the SQL would involve at least one JOIN (or a
 seperate query), this seems a bit sub-optimal, so it's probably going to
 have to be syncing WP usermeta. :o

 so... we can probably overhaul `xprofile_sync_wp_profile` and
 `xprofile_sync_bp_profile` at the same time, which currently "syncs"
 nickname/first/last name back and forth. This hasn't been touched since
 v1.0.0 and it's always been a bit crappy, so it feels like time.

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