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#7188: Remove/Replace `title` attributes with Tooltips usable in all devices
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Comment (by mercime):

 @hnla I agree that that ticket is not perfect. I agree with the majority
 though. Not going to get in the middle of usability experts vs
 accessibility experts :D

 `title` attributes which provide additional information for some of our
 links and icons are not usable in touch screens nor for keyboard users.
 This ticket addresses those issues via a "new BP tooltips" which should be
 robust and accessible to everyone in all devices.

 I've checked out how the large sites like Twitter, Google+, and Github, to
 name a few, have handled adding information for their icons and user
 links, and here's what I found:
 * First, they do not use `title` attributes to show the additional info to
 * Second, to provide a cross-browser solution, they use a mix of CSS3 and
 JS to work.
 * Third, there is additional markup involved. We could make it very simple
 span for this ticket and then expand it later so that users can filter
 later to show large div of information ala Google+.

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