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#7187: media element issue on all twenty themes
 Reporter:  danbp         |       Owner:
     Type:  defect (bug)  |      Status:  new
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 Severity:  minor         |  Resolution:
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Comment (by sbrajesh):

 Thank you.
 I believe it is an issue on parts of !BuddyPress template pack and can be
 easily rectified without causing much damage.

 Though the "button" element can be used anywhere, In !BuddyPress the
 intended purpose is to use it inside the forms. Since all !BuddyPress
 forms use the class 'standard-form' , we can simply change the selector
 #buddypress button


 #buddypress .standard-form button

 I don't think there is any use cse of the "button" element in !BuddyPress
 that won't be covered by this. In fact, I did some search in my IDE and It
 seems !BuddyPress does not use the 'button' element at all in the current

 Hope that helps.

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