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#7168: Central place to manage all notifications and delivery preferences
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 We provide many different types of notifications -- @mentions, auto-
 matched keywords, emails, toolbar notifications -- and a decent UI to opt-
 out/manage preferences. We should revisit our approach and APIs for
 notifications to add more power and flexibility.

 Emails, toolbar notifications, etc -- are delivery mechanisms. The
 message, the actual notification, is the same. Let's build a screen where
 it lists all BP notification types, and lets each member choose if and how
 to receive them.

 I might want to receive toolbar notifications via a Slack ping, or via
 SMS, for example.

 While doing this, we could consider if we want to let site administrators
 customise the content of all kinds of notifications (like toolbar
 notifications), like we did for Emails a couple of releases ago.


 Over in WordPressVille, John Blackbourn's been talking about what he calls
 a "Notifications API" for quite a while, but hasn't had any active
 development/proposals yet due to time constraints. I've spoken with him at
 length about how BuddyPress' vision for Notifications overlaps with his
 vision for WordPress, and there are a lot of synergies.

 This ticket would be a good example of a place where we could help
 WordPress build it, and meaningfully influence it, to make sure it works
 for plugins like ours.

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