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#6886: Welcome Screen for 2.5.0
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Comment (by mercime):

 > you should also edit the line 'conversation between David and you' :)
 Thanks for checking @imath. Done.

 > About this under the hood improvement: ...  maybe we should talk about
 something else. I'm suggesting #6371 to show we are giving some love to
 the multiblog configs
 Thank you. Checking tickets closed for this dev cycle, there are
 additional 2 more multisite configs fixes. Going to work on this.

 > I don't like referring to the email feature as an "Email API"
 @DJPaul  So for the intro and text following, change `Email API` to `Email
 `Brought to you by the new Email API, an innovative and extensible
 notification system.`
 `Brought to you by the new Email feature, an innovative and extensible
 notification system.`
 Replacement terms welcome - wizardry, taxonomy, awesomeness? :)

 > "Performance improvements" section is waffle
 Included it as it was mentioned in BP 2.5 beta 1 release post. Suggested
 replacement welcome.

 > swap the fairly old "comes with a bunch of great improvements we think
 you're really going to like" heading
 How about
 `Thanks for updating! BuddyPress %s has a lot of refinements that you will
 `Thanks for updating! BuddyPress %s has many new features that you will
 Suggestions welcome.

 > in the autolink screenshot ...replace with something boring?
 No problem @DJPaul. Done. I have to say that food is not boring to me
 though :)

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