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#6886: Welcome Screen for 2.5.0
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Comment (by DJPaul):

 Looks really amazing! But...

 * I don't like referring to the email feature as an "Email API".
 Primarily, it's an admin-facing feature.
 * "change the colors of the template" -> "change the design of the
 * The "Performance improvements" section is waffle; the "initial steps
 taken" have had zero impact on performance.
 * Can we swap the fairly old "comes with a bunch of great improvements we
 think you're really going to like" heading with something?
 * Mercime, you can make a final decision on this, and I may be being
 oversensitive here, but in the autolink screenshot, if we're going to use
 superheroes -- and I know we didn't invent them --- I think the title
 "super girl" is demeaning especially with it being compared to "super
 man"? Maybe just replace with something boring? Like food?

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