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#6897: Email tokens - descriptions and updated UI
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 There was a discussion on Slack started by @modemlooper who suggested that
 the email tokens should have some kind of panel in the UI to describe what
 they're used for (and also, what email types they *work* for). Here
 onwards for about two hours:

 The idea is good, but there are a couple of problems:

 * Tokens aren't registered anywhere centrally.
 * There's no way to currently get tokens without duplication the call to
 `bp_send_email` (where the tokens are passed).

 To resolve this, tokens would have to become property of the email *type*,
 not of an email.
 Taxonomies might make a good fit, with term meta to store text like token
 description (required for the UI).
 We'd need to come up with a good UI to manage informing the user about the
 purpose of the email tokens, and which tokens are available for the
 current email.

 Some initial problems I can imagine are that the tokens are intended to be
 filterable for developers. I could create a plugin that adds some kind of
 bespoke token, and have either have a scalar value for that or a function
 callback. How would registering tokens in a taxonomy interfere with easy
 development vs. a good interface users, etc.

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