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#6863: Indentation fixes for `.scss` files
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Comment (by netweb):

 Replying to [comment:2 hnla]:
 > @netweb
 > On the recent twentyfifteen.scss update I see indentation errors with
 some rulesets introduced but the assertion: ''Indentation level not
 detected correctly'' puzzles me as when writing and running lint on files
 it will absolutely pick up on any incorrect indentation level for nested
 rulesets, yet when I run scsslint on the file where I can see obvious
 indentation errors the lint task passes without picking up those errors.
 I just don't think it is "smart" enough to catch everything it is asked to

 > Have we any idea why scsslint is behaving this way?
 Mixed indentation of tabs and spaces is not correctly detected is the
 primary reason from what I can see, it expects 2 indents, and if 1 is a
 tab and 1 is a space then it counts that as 2 and marks it correct when in
 fact it is not correct.

 > It feels as though it only checks a file accurately if it has actual
 Its a time thing, as the scss files have been being linted for a while now
 the ruleset that they are checked upon are now becoming quite finely
 honed, and as such its now when an error is noticed its a matter of taking
 a fine tooth comb to both the configuration and the code to see what the
 issue is.

 I get quite a bit of enjoyment and have a boat load of fun digging around
 these sorts of things ;)

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