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#6862: Super Sticky Topics on Group Forums and Group Forums in bbPress Shortcodes
 Reporter:  garrett-eclipse     |      Owner:
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 Wanted to raise into discussion how Super Sticky topics and bbPress forum
 Shortcode is handled within BuddyPress as it created some confusion for

 Giving a bit of background first, I'm using the WPLMS theme by Vibe which
 marries bbPress with BuddyPress and utilizes the functionality they
 provide to create course CPTs which can be tied into Groups and Forums.
 I've set-up a single bbPress forum for Support, and Group Forums to
 provide the Courses with unique forums. On the Courses I have a subpage
 which pulls the Group Forum into the Course via the bbp-single-forum
 shortcode. I used a Super Sticky bbPress topic to share a topic across all
 my forums. At first this appeared casually as I was only really looking at
 the Course Forum as generated by the shortcode. When a course ends we
 block the course but provide the forum and resources through the group for
 ongoing support. This raised to light the fact that my Super Sticky topic
 wasn't being listed on the actual Group Forum.

 So my issue originally was going to indicate that the Super Sticky topics
 weren't being listed on the Group Forum, which @netweb confirmed was
 explicitly disabled/removed from group forums. I can live with this.

 What I'd like to raise for discussion is if they were removed from Group
 Forums, and Group Forums can be pulled in via the bbPress shortcode,
 should they not also be removed from the shortcode representation of this
 Group Forum so they're consistent and list the same topics?
 *Or maybe is there a BuddyPress version of the single-forum shortcode I
 should use instead?

 My main concern is the consistency between the two representations of the
 same forum. In this case it's concerning Super Sticky, but mayhap there's
 other bbPress functions disabled for BuddyPress that are evident in a
 Group Forum that's displayed via the shortcode.

 Greatly appreciated,
 P.S. Sharing my discussion with @netweb concerning this topic;
 garrett-eclipse [4:33 PM]
 Hey guys, sorry to bother. Hoping to get some help understanding sticky
 topics before logging an issue.
 When I have a topic set to Super Sticky I notice it appearing on forums
 created by the [bbp-single-forum id=$forum] shortcode. But if I navigate
 to the Group Forum (exact same forum) it’s not displaying.
 Correct me if wrong but Super Sticky is supposed to show on ALL forums

 netweb [4:34 PM]
 Not sure, but I don’t think so in regard to group forums ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

 garrett-eclipse [4:40 PM]
 Thanks @netweb, definitely confused. Would expect it to be consistent
 considering both forums although in different locations are the exact same
 one under the covers one is just presented via shortcode and the other in

 And another minor issue in association. If Super Sticky is to be shown on
 all forums I noticed in the shortcode version which does show the Super
 Sticky that even though it has that topic there’s still a notice saying

 netweb [4:44 PM]
 @garrett-eclipse: Super-stickies are explicitly disabled/removed for group
 forums (looking at the code now)

 netweb [4:45 PM]
 The `THIS FORUM IS EMPTY.` is a #bbpress issue but it is correct non the
 less, the sticky topic is ​_not_​ in ​_that_​ forum

 garrett-eclipse [4:45 PM]
 Thanks @netweb what are your thoughts in the case of a Group Forum being
 pulled in through the bbp-single-forum shortcode

 true enough on the emptiness. Visually deceiving for a user however as
 they’re unaware of that

 netweb [4:47 PM]
 Typically a forum is not empty so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

 garrett-eclipse [4:48 PM]
 Agreed, not important to me. Mainly looking at making consistency between
 my Group Forum and the Forum Shortcode that pulls that Group Forum.
 Is there a BuddyPress version of the bbp-single-forum shortcode

 netweb [4:51 PM]
 The issue with using shortcodes such as `[bbp-single-forum id=$forum]`
 with BP groups is that (like the super sticky) thing above bbPress tweaks
 a few things to work with BuddyPress as best it can, be it permissions,
 form fields, permalinks, privacy, activity etc

 Then using the bbPress shortcodes directly circumvents the BP integration

 garrett-eclipse [4:54 PM]
 Thanks for the explaination @netweb I’ll avoid use of Super Sticky as
 there’s no point in my set-up. I only have one bbPress forum (Support) the
 rest are all BuddyPress ones which don’t support it anyway (aside from
 their shortcode representations)

 @netweb: Is there anything worthy of opening a trac ticket around this to
 be followed up on in the future?

 netweb [4:58 PM]
 @garrett-eclipse: Maybe, though including a use case for context of what
 your trying to achieve versus the current functionality would help explain
 things as there really aren’t any bugs in the way things are currently

 garrett-eclipse [5:00 PM]
 Sounds good thx @netweb

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 netweb [5:00 PM]

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