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#6322: Travis CI jobs fail intermittently
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 See eg https://travis-ci.org/buddypress/BuddyPress/builds/55855308 and

 I've done some futzing around and here's what I've found. It appears that
 the failures are always on the WP 3.7 builds. When running more verbose
 versions of the builds (using `grunt --force`), it turns out that the
 errors are coming from `WordPress database error`s during the PHPUnit
 multisite tests. These errors crop up when a blog is created; our test
 suite builds the new tables as temp tables, but MySQL can't reference the
 same temp table twice in a single query. See
 http://bugs.mysql.com/bug.php?id=7742 and elsewhere for more details. WP
 fixed this in [WP26252] #WP26102, but it remains unfixed in WP 3.7. (The
 specific cause, for posterity's sake, is the `$wpdb->suppress_errors(
 false )` call in `install_blog()`.)

 In any case, it appears that these errors cause intermittent failures on
 Travis. I'm not sure why it doesn't always fail - it might have to do with
 the fact that our multisite tests are run concurrently with the non-
 multisite tests (`grunt.async()`), which causes race conditions with the
 "suppress" flag.

 I played with some tricky fixes for the problem, but they're all really
 weird and not worth the effort. I don't think there is really a good fix
 here, other than (a) live with the failures, or (b) drop WP 3.7 from the
 test matrix. I suppose this ticket should be closed as wontfix for that
 reason, but I did want to document the chain of causes before it slips
 away from my aging mind.

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