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#6320: pending_email_change user-meta touches cached user data
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 In #2265, the decision was made to switch away from WordPress MU's
 approach of storing pending user email changes (storing them as options)
 and to store them in usermeta instead.

 One side-effect of this (now that we are caching more things) is that a
 pending email change busts the cached user object once on change, then
 again when they confirm their address or cancel the change.

 I'm unsure if this is better or worse, but I have a hunch there are
 improvements we can (and maybe should) try to make to this.

 Some thoughts:
 * Transients?
 * Should we include a timestamp in our array? IP address? Session data?
 * Should these have a 24 hour limit on them? 12? 1?
 * Should there be an option to resend the email?

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