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#6312: post_type_support - ajax changes the activity entry action
 Reporter:  shanebp               |       Owner:  imath
     Type:  defect (bug)          |      Status:  reopened
 Priority:  normal                |   Milestone:
Component:  Component - Activity  |     Version:  2.2.1
 Severity:  normal                |  Resolution:
 Keywords:  reporter-feedback     |
Changes (by shanebp):

 * status:  closed => reopened
 * resolution:  worksforme =>


 >The component_id for groups_record_activity() is 'groups' and the
 component you've set in the 'bp_activity' parameter of your cpt is
 'activity', maybe it might be more consistent to use the same component :

 This ''distributed'' plugin allows the user the ''Option'' to assign a cpt
 post to a group.
 ''If they do'' , then I use ''groups_record_activity()'' to create an
 entry for that group, using ''component = groups'' and set the ''action'',
 ''item_id'' and ''site-wide'' fields appropriately.

 ''If they don't'' assign the post to a group, then the activity entry will
 use the component stated when registering the post type, in this case

 >I advise you to check your [table_prefix]bp_activity table and make sure
 the component field is consistent with the component you're using when
 registering your post type.

 So the point is that the component being used will change depending on
 what the user decides to do.
 It sounds like there is no way to get show_filters to account for that
 possible change.

 I appreciate your explanations. I'm a lot clearer now about

 I hope [https://buddypress.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/6294] can be
 addressed soon.
 Clients get upset when their posts are handled inconsistently.

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