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#6306: custom post type support for activities
 Reporter:  shanebp               |       Owner:
     Type:  defect (bug)          |      Status:  reopened
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Component:  Component - Activity  |     Version:  2.2.1
 Severity:  normal                |  Resolution:
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Comment (by imath):

 @shanebp @mjc82in

 I understand your eagerness about this subject. When i've worked on the
 post type activities feature we've introduced in 2.2, i haven't touch any
 of the code involved into the comments tracking.

 FYI, although the post types activities feature doesn't need the blogs
 component to be active, tracking comments is '''requiring it to be
 active'''. @shanebp have you tried filtering
 `'bp_blogs_record_comment_post_types'` having the blogs component active ?

 @mjc82in, as i've said here #6294, it's not a bug : tracking comments
 about Post types (!= post) is still a step we'll need to achieve in a
 future release.

 If you can't wait, you can explore the way i'm tracking comments about
 ideas for my plugin [https://github.com/imath/wp-idea-
 stream/blob/master/includes/buddypress/activity.php WP Idea Stream]
 @shanebp you'll see that as soon as the blogs component is active my
 filter on `'bp_blogs_record_comment_post_types'` works fine. For this
 plugin, if the blogs component is not active, i'm not tracking the 'ideas'
 post type.

 Thank you for your comprehension.

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