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#6302: Add callbacks/events when ajax functions have finished
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Comment (by sbrajesh):

 Hi modemlooper,
 Here is the code example

    jQuery( document ).ajaxComplete( function( evt, xhr, options ) {

        var action = get_var_in_query( 'action', options.data ) ;

        switch( action ){

            case 'post_update':

                console.log('Activity was posted');



    function get_var_in_query( item,  str ){
        var items;
        if( !str )
            return false;
        var data_fields = str.split('&');
        for( var i=0; i< data_fields.length; i++ ){

            items = data_fields[i].split('=');
            if( items[0] == item )
                return items[1];

        return false;


 I am using a helper function 'get_var_in_query' to find an item in the
 query string.

 The above example should log into the console when the the activity is
 posted and a response is returned.

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