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#4728: Visibility API refactoring/restructuring
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 I like this a lot, r-a-y. Thanks!

 A couple technical thoughts:

 - I think we should probably leave (a reference to) the visibility levels
 at `buddypress()->profile->visibility_levels` for backward compatibility.
 - Instead of overloading `buddypress()->visibility_levels` with the `if (
 empty( $bp->core->visibility_levels ) )` check in
 `bp_register_visibility_level()`, how about declaring the
 `$visibility_levels` property as an array in the class definition of
 - I don't see any reason why we should prevent people from deregistering
 core visibility levels. It will break lots of things, but as you note, the
 filter is there anyway. Let's solve that problem if it actually turns out
 to be one.

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