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#6209: Add tests for group invitations and membership request functions
 Reporter:  dcavins             |       Owner:  dcavins
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 Priority:  normal              |   Milestone:  2.3
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Comment (by dcavins):

 Thanks again for the advice, Boone. I've slightly corrected the working
 tests patch per our conversation about writing tests. The new version is

 I've also checked the WordPress plugin repo, and the functions that I'd
 like to modify are used as follows:


 BP Group Control uses `groups_uninvite_user()` to delete members from
 Last Updated: 5 years ago, Compatible up to: BP, WP 2.9

 BuddyPress uses `groups_uninvite_user()` to remove invites, and in one
 place even specifically checks for existing requests before using the

 Buddypress Backwards Compatibility uses `groups_uninvite_user()` to remove

 CommentPress uses `groups_uninvite_user()` to remove invites

 Genesis Connect for BuddyPress uses `groups_uninvite_user()` to remove

 Invite Anyone  uses `groups_uninvite_user()` to remove invites


 Only used by BuddyPress to delete invites


 BP Groups Civi crm Sync would like to use `groups_remove_member()` but
 have trouble with the `is_item_admin` check
 "We cannot use 'groups_remove_member()' because the logged in user may not
 pass the 'bp_is_item_admin()' check in that function."

 ** `groups_delete_membership_request()`

 BP Group Management uses as expected.

 BuddyForms Attach Posts to Groups Extension uses as expected.

 Sort of surprisingly, it looks like the functions are being used to do
 what their names would suggest. I don't think we'd break anything other
 than the really out-of-date BP Group Control. There's no way to know how
 many custom plugins we'd break, though. Given what I found, do you think
 it's worth changing the behavior of the various function or would you
 prefer I don't pursue that?

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