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#6296: FR : Improve the What's New Experience
 Reporter:  rosyteddy    |      Owner:
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 The Whats New or Status box at the top of Activity / Profile page is very
 out of date compared to current social networks like Google Plus, FB etc
 or php social scripts like EasySocial, Oxwall, Elgg etc. See this forum
 discussion - https://buddypress.org/support/topic/switched-from-

 The modern Whats New box, like other sites, should provide the site member
 easy, intuitive way to add an image / album, post locations and events as
 well as at mention and hashtags. @ mention is present in buddypress but
 hashtag (with help of a plugin) is not Unicode compliant and thus defunct
 for many. More importantly Whats New box does not let users add an image,
 privacy, event or a location. This is not an issue of copying FB but
 integrating what users commonly expect.

 Probably this can be done by a plethora of plugins but users like us, who
 are looking for already made solutions so that they do not have to look or
 run after the software and can straightway concentrate on contents and
 users, are disappointed. Waiting for months and years generate frustration
 and getting pushed to other platforms. BP can be a great building with
 really upcoming scientific architecture and pillars and columns inside but
 at the outside one needs an easy, attractive, useful, wide door to enter.

 Just think Email. It needs an Inbox, Sent folder and Compose at minimum.
 Social net Whats new box, similarly at the minimum, needs ability to post
 an image/images/album, post a location, post an event and choose privacy
 at the time of submission. Please have a look at this screenshot

 Maybe we should aim at providing this first (along with 2 way liking /
 favoriting which is present in *all* socials) before doing anything else,
 with whatever codes, patches or whatever is available. Code improvements
 can be done in iterations slowly. This will attract more users at the
 first place, some of them will be budding coders who can then contribute
 and expand more the Buddypress inner stuffs.


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