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#6269: Add autocomplete="off" to bp-login widget password field
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Comment (by hnla):


 The summary from a very long thread from a Mozi discussion on the subject:

 >Summary of the change, so people don't have to wade through a long
 >  - This change makes it so that `autocomplete=off` does not stop the
 Password Manager >from  working. Normal form autofill can be disabled as
 >  - The password manager *always* prompts if it wants to save a password.
 Passwords are >not  saved without permission from the user.
 >  - We are the third browser to implement this change, after IE and
 >  - This can be undone locally by flipping the
 `signon.storeWhenAutocompleteOff` pref >(from  about:config) off.
 >  - The rationale behind this change was the widespread abuse of the
 `autocomplete`  >attribute to prevent password saving where no prevention
 is required. This change gives  >users full control over password saving,
 without compromising on security (again, the user  >is always prompted).

 Seems overall that `autocomplete=off` should be implemented, the main
 concern in doing so being that preventing browsers auto saving to password
 managers would be a very bad thing possibly resulting in people using weak
 passwords where they might have been using very strong ones in the
 knowledge that  a browser action by user would have the password inserted
 to field.

 It seems that Mozi here acknowledge that they are the last to implement a
 fix for autocomplete disabling their password saving thus all major
 browsers are safe in this respect and my 20 char passwords will be
 automagically inserted regardless of autocomplete set.

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